Navigating this new normal accompanied by social distancing, self-isolation, and rather uncomfortable government guidelines can be difficult.

Regardless of your race, origins, or belief: stress and mental health complication, such as anxiety, can develop even if you’ve never experienced such.

Reading the following two books and applying its teaching have become essential, especially during these times. They encourage practicing awareness, mental health and embrace proper habits development that can be beneficial during and after the pandemic.

Please keep in mind that these books do not offer a quick how-to-fix solution; instead, they provide recommendations to the reader and explain trends…

Stop using your mouse, really.


After seeing a few geeks blow my mind using Emacs and Vi, I gave it a try. I failed and lost that battle. Memorizing the entire fleet of keybindings from Emacs or Vi wasn’t working for me. However, I knew that I needed to figure something out to increase my productivity. I needed to change my approach.

Note: I write code in a Mac, and the goal of this post is to enable, perhaps encourage you, to set your mappings and take the mouse out of your life (partially).

Before Basics

If you learn something from this…

The image is taken from here.

Generating workload in processors and memory is a common practice in the IoT world. Here we covert one of many ways of accomplishing this.

You want to generate workload to:

  • discover troublesome CPU
  • flip every single transistor in memory
  • or, perform thermo analysis

At ZOLL, whenever we are deciding what processor to use in our device, a series of tests have to be done. One of them is thermo analyzation. These processors (yes, sometimes more than one) will be delivered in a box and we want to approximate how much heat they can produce.

Supporting electrical and mechanical engineers to…

Anyone who knows me may have heard this before; time is one of the most important non-renewable resources that humans own by birth. Let’s get started.

Not far down the road of studying data structures and algorithms, one will encounter these two important terms; time and space. In other words, that’s what we use to measure the efficiency of any data structure and algorithm. Why those two? Well, time is non-renewable and memory is limited. An algorithm that grows exponentially relative to its input, increases the time to finish processing as the input increases, represented as O(2^n).

We will be…

If you haven’t heard, anyone with access to your physical address (MAC address) can access your computer as “root”. Wait, what is root? If you know nothing about root, it is basically a super user or administrator of the operating system in your Mac. In other words, a user with super powers.

If you, like me and many other users, never care for setting a password for the “root” user then you are vulnerable.

I tested this on 10.13.1, here is how I did it:

Go to System Preference > Security & Privacy and click on the lock icon in…

En medio de lágrimas te escribo: después de un mes sin mi viejo, descubrí muchas cosas interesante. Desde lo importante que el era para mi, hasta el ejemplo que dejo a seguir. Mi viejo nunca demostró miedo; el era siempre un guerrero. Mi viejo nunca demostró rencor; el era todo amor. Mi viejo nunca derramó una lágrima; el era todo esperanza. Mi viejo siempre era alegría, como si fuera fantasía.

No por ser mi viejo le atribuyo estos adjetivos, solo trato de compartir mi experiencia de 23 años a su lado. A pesar de lo difícil que fue tu vida…

I grew up in a working-class family, often told that the road to success is paved with hard work. In fact, most self-made wealthy people preach the same ideas, but is this all needed to achieve this, so desired, stage in life? In my opinion, it is not. But what is being successful?

Throughout a few years of reading, observing, analyzing, and researching the behaviors of successful people, I deducted what is, for me, necessary to be successful:

  • Health
  • Financial Independence
  • Education

I can probably mention a few more things, but out of all, those three are the most important.

Personally, I am a fan of hybrid cars because I don’t feel like going 100% electric yet. Similarly, I am a fan of hybrid programming languages, also known as multi-paradigm programming languages.

Although there are multiple programming paradigms, to keep it simple, I’m only going to talk about functional and objected-oriented. If we go back to the car ideology, functional are electric cars and object-oriented are regular gas cars. We know that cars can run on water, natural gas, and who knows what else, but let’s just take the mainstream ones. Gas and electric; functional and object-oriented.

Just to mention…

Let’s be honest, Functional programming is coming. If you are a Game of Thrones’ fan, you can say “winter is coming”. If you are not, just ignore that sentence; you are part of the 1% of the population that haven’t watched Game of Throne. It’s ok. (This is not a fact).

Functional programming is not a new thing, it came from lambda calculus in the 1930s. Yes, it’s even older than the C programming language! But why its popularity is ascending in the last couple of years? Programmers started to realize that they can solve problems easily in a Functional…

If you are wondering what the deal is with opaque objects and if you should care about it, the answer is: It depends on who you are. If you’re a programmer who doesn’t want to worry about the low-level (dirty) stuff, then you don’t need to care. On the other hand, if you (like me) enjoy understanding the underlying workings of the high-level interfaces, then you should care. Let’s get dirty.

We will implement a very basic Queue in pure C with the help of an already implemented Linked List. I am assuming that you have an idea of how…

Daniel Santos

Lifelong learner and Software Engineer. Opinions are my own and not part of my employer.

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